Nathalie Beasnael, a mother of two, is based in Los Angeles, CA.  She speaks five languages fluently (English, French, Spanish, Twi and Ngambaye) and is a great communicator. Nathalie uses her extensive background and skills to meet the needs of those in her communities. Originally, from Chad, she has lived in Ghana, Spain, England and the United States giving her a diverse education and life experiences.
Currently, Nathalie works as a Recovery Nurse at Surgical Institute in Beverly Hills working closely with Dr. Tarek Smiley. She is licensed and certified as follows: : Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Licensed Esthetician, AHA First Aid and BLS/CPR Certification. Los Angeles Fire Department (Hospital Fire and Life Safety Certified), Tracheostomy Certification, and Ventilator Certification. She has clinical experience as a Surgical Nurse at California Surgical Institute and as a Charge Nurse at Grand Valley Healthcare.

Nathalie also has many years’ experience in the cosmetics and skincare industry, which inspired her, along with a friend, to found N and M cosmetics in 2019.

Nathalie is a social entrepreneur, a seasoned humanitarian and philanthropist and an emerging leader in the medical and entertainment industry. She is the founder of Health4peace non-profit. A 501c 3 which provides specific and basic medical supplies to three hospitals in the rural areas of Senegal, Chad, and South Africa. Nathalie holds a board position as Director of International Affairs with Upward African Woman.

She is also the founder of Beasneal “We Are Not the Same” A show about our differences. It sheds a light on current issues as well as historical events that shape and impact our lives. “Beasnael” in the host’s native dialect means, “We are not the same”.

Nathalie is a recurring guest host on “IMpact with Pamela Anchang” on NPR’s KPFK Radio 90.7.

Her previous endeavors include “The Nathalie B Show,” focusing on informative, educational, thought provoking conversations.  Red Carpet Hosting and interviewing (E TV, HAPAWARDS, Nollywood, Ankara Festival, Afrifamu and Afrimma, African Union).

Nathalie has been a featured actor in three films, along with “extra” roles in various television projects, and has provided voiceover work for a  documentary.

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